3D Animation is a three-dimensional visual feature of the Digital realm within the moving images which involves moving objects that show in a three-dimensional space which is also creating moving three-dimensional images. It is also used for video games, filmmaking, television production, medicine, education, commercial, etc. It has produced digitally generated animated images. 3D animation makes use of 3D computer graphics which also create a two-Dimensional moving picture that shows the figures(depicts) three-dimension. It is also used in industries in different ways as medicine and gaming, and they are commonly used for marketing and presentation across all industries..

What are the types of 3D Animation?

There are six types of 3D animations are:

Digital 3D
It is also used to create video games, television shows, digital heroes for live-action movies, etc. It has only a visual experience, more precisely, the players do not interact with the object from the digital environment because creating 3D animation is more complicated and requires a high volume of work includes of many professionals.

Virtual Reality 3D

It is commonly used in entertainment applications for video games, dark rides, 3D cinema, and virtual 3D worlds. Entertainment application means the use of a new platform for music, gaming, movies, live streaming, etc. Virtual reality is generated the computer images and videos to produce real-life experiences. It requires VR headsets such as Oculus or Google Glass.

Interactive 3D

It is used to create interactive 3D animation and game artists use special software very many possibilities to implement this type of animation. For example, everything must be a changeable option because the player can show objects from different angles. It includes many creating characters and must respond correctly to all player commands.

Stop Motion

Stop motion animation is also used in animation to bring static objects to real life on screen. There are a few types of stop motion animation which include manipulating objects, people, puppets, clay, and more. It is also used frame by frame(pictures) with images of the elements.

Motion capture

It is also used in sports, entertainment, medical application, the military, and for validation of robots and computer vision. 3D motion capture movements of the characters become very realistic.

CEL shading

It is also used to mimic the style of a comic book or cartoon. Cel shading is also known as cel-shaded animation. It is used to make 3-D computer graphics show by using less shading color instead tints or shade gradients and shades.

What are the uses of 3D Animation?

It is also used in character animation for TV and gaming, medicine, marketing and advertising. Different 3D animations like as virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality are very popular for their tremendous uses. Virtual Reality and Augmented reality include many applications like medical training, business logistics, tourism industry, maintenance, field service, and classroom education. The different ways of using 3D animation are commercial advertisements, surgical training videos for surgeons, awareness animation and storytelling 3D animated videos, etc.


Why Is 3D Animation Important?

3D Animation is important because it allows us to tell stories and express ideas and emotions in a way that is very easily can understand especially by children and adults. It has helped connect people throughout the world that sometimes writing and live-action films cannot. Creativity is the most powerful tool which can easily to use as a form no matter their interests, beliefs, or biases.

Top Best Free 3D Animation Software for Beginners?

There are many types of free 3D Animation software:

Doodly software

It is also used for the special occasions and fun of drawing, sales, etc, and used to create the whiteboard videos in minutes, professional which allows technical design skills Doodly software is called the whiteboard animation software generated for cloud-based programs.

Wings 3D

Wings 3D uses for internal data to store and adjacency data, which can simply use for wings. Both for commercial and personal projects and completely free. They can be used to texture low and to model. It does not support the animation and has only a 3D rendering facility.

Source filmmaker

It is used for creating the utilizing source game engine, and animated films which include the left 4 Dead series, and the Half-life series. They have been used to create over 50 animated shorts for famous source games. Source filmmakers also the creation of art, posters, and still images.