2D Animation: An overview



Do you know what is 2d animation? It is the combination of different types of traditional images used in video clips, film industries, cartoon videos, ghost stories, company Advertisements (Commercial fields), education Videos, and Tv Serials & which help to explain the content. In this animation whatever image is used has a fixed dimension. Animation creators have to take care of the traditional image used in the animation as well as the moments in the images which can move forward, backward, right left, up, down


Different types of 2D Animations


Computer 2d animation: Some creators design animations through computer software that’s called computer graphics designed 2d animation.

Motions 2d animations: Some creators design animations with motion just like the traditional images shown in the form of slow motion and speed motions. It is used in the field of small or big company logos or small ads in the form of animations for profitable growth to attract a magnetic audience and is also used in the film industry, education field, and other areas.

White and blackboard 2d animations: Some creators just like you tubers, education mentors, motivational speakers, and other tells and explains a story, and he is used to a stretchable whiteboard or blackboard and a straightforward story in the form of 2d animation which is very important.



What is the process of 2D Animation?

First, we have to think that what will be the result of the story and how many characters will be used in the story and what will be their condition and who has to be animated, what will be the background, what will be its result. After which we have to see what the quality of the 2d animation will be, and based on that, we will select the software. It also has to be seen what kind of animation is to be done under 2d animation, whether it will be in the form of a cartoon or otherwise.


Where can I learn 2d animation from?

We can learn 2d animation through different types of courses available on social media platforms. I would suggest learning a 2d animation course from “Semsols Technology” because they are providing live workshops on our website and youtube channels.

You can click on this link and visit the website and join the live workshop. This course has different modules just as how to make cartoon videos, and how to include voice in animated videos? , how to write and think about your story for a 2d animation video? What kinds of images will be used in 2d animated videos and other given examples on our websites?

Many people have given a new direction to their career and you can also provide a new direction for your career by joining the live workshop. If you need any support after the live workshop is over full support on the private Facebook group will be provided along with the weekly live workshop.


Can I learn 2D animation by myself?

Yes, we can also learn 2D animation by attending live workshops on Facebook Group. It can be joined by those who are interested in animated films, cartoon animated videos, and other advertisements, etc., and are in this animation field. Children, old or young people of all ages can earn well by giving time to make a career. 2D animation can be for children, adults, and youth, there is no final limit of time. In this world of animation, many people give direction to their stories and other ideas for 2D animation with the help of software. Due to the scope of this field, many commercial companies and other people can and are using it, due to which they can see a significant increase in their annual income.



What scope or career in 2d Animation?

Today there is a very good scope or career in the field of 2D animations because today’s time it is used by many companies, organizations, institutes, and others to increase their profits, to make their brand attractive through small ads and trim video clips with 2d animation. That’s why all of you can give a new direction to your career by completing its course to earn online.