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You can test our quality by giving us a test work. We are always to do a test shot. First check the quality & then give us the work.

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VFX Studio & VFX Outsourcing

You are watching a movie and you are astonished by the various stunts performed by the super hero. You seem to be mesmerized by the character intent and power. But do you know all these power/extra intent and super hero performances are created through VFX? Yes in now a day’s movies/serials/documentaries VFX (Visual effects) Plays an important role. Various scenes and instances are created using VFX (Visual effects) which is unbelievable and treat to the eyes. All the film fraternity is using this VFX (Visual effects) to create wonderful movies and series of such so-called Art, which is loved by every genre of the public.

But Do you know, who are the brains behind these beautiful masterpieces of art? Yes companies like the US know as VFX Studio, which is hired to give their imagination a wing. We at SEMSOLS have a VFX Studio Wing which caters to client needs from all over the globe related to VFX Outsourcing work.

As VFX studio We not only deliver worldwide but all clients from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and all parts of India. Our VFX (Visual effects) studio artists are specialized in VFX / Rotoscopy work. As a VFX studio based in Delhi, we have completed numerous VFX Outsourcing projects related to VFX / Roto / Stereo Roto / Paint / Cleanup / Compositing / Camera tracking / 3D animation from all over the world.

Common Questions – RotoScopy VFX Studio

Do You Guys Do Keying?

Yes, we do keying because we know that without keying, rotoscoping can’t be accomplished. If you are talking about chroma keying, we are specialized in that. We also take care of color correction in the process of chroma key. Chroma Keying is a technique used in video, film, photography and many more to replace image with new one. It is mainly known for removing the specific chroma means color element from video scene and replacing keyed with the different element. With this keying, the producers of Video are capable to remove background and replace it with other. This type of keying is actually a distinction between what you really want to keep means presenter and what you really want to replace and remove means the green background. Chrome Keying can be done in real-time or the post production to deliver best quality of videos and images to end user.

We Want To Remove Green Screen? Is It Possible?

Yes we are experts in removing green screen. If you want us to do that service, we are always available at your service. Actually Green Screen is used in background for Chroma key effects but we can easily get it removed if you do not wish to have it as background. we can use any other screen color which you desire. The technique of using green screen is used since long and dates back to early 1990’s and is even used till date with the advent of digital film making projects for creating visual effects involving two images or by layering of two videos together. We use Chroma keys in removing Green Screen by replacing it with a new background and rendering it transparent. This is done to ensure that other images to be visible clearly which was not visible due to green screen.

What Kind Of Quality We Should Expect For Rotoscoping From Your Company?

We always strive for 100% client satisfaction. We are working for clients from all around the world and we provide quality. We assure that you will not be disappointed. We at Rotoscoping studio are deeply committed to produce the excellence quality vfx based services because our main mission is to provide exceptional quality services to the desired clients within affordable rates. Here we deliver the widest range of creative solutions for giving guaranteed highly qualitative work to our clients. Because we never compromises with the quality of animation and vfx services.

Do You Guys Deliver In Fixed Timeline?

We always abide by the time and deliver our project in timely manner. Our prime focus is to serve the clients with the high quality services. And also deliver our services within the committed deadlines, for this our team members work round the clock to fulfill the demands of the customer and ensures to meet the deadline successfully. We are also flexible in our work to deliver the best quality products to the clients with no technical error. We always take pride to deliver high quality product within limited time period. So be rest assured that you won’t have to wait for long to have your projects completed. So don’t delay a bit longer, entrust us with your Rotoscoping project now.

Are You Guys Available For Big Projects Of Rotoscoping Service?

Yes, we have a team of people working with us, we are available for big projects of rotoscoping. As, we have a team of highly qualified rotoscoping professionals which devote themselves to carry out the given project within a tight deadline, without sacrificing its quality. Studios with a good amount of manpower are always open to give 24 x 7 technical support for their clients. Rotoscoping big projects require extensive detail-oriented attention, knowledge, and skill to carry out the work of the project in a smooth manner. For working on a big project, we especially have to assist compositors, who are responsible for constructing the final image by combining layers of previously-created material

How Do You Guys Accept Money For Rotoscoping Service?

We go for money transfer like PayPal, Online Banking, Wire Transfer. These all money transfer mode is the quite simple and easiest way to accept, process and disburse digital payments for businesses in India. It is quite easy to register for paypal. Anyone can easily register for the same and send or accept payments conveniently. On the other side, we all accept the payment from Online Money transfer or Wire transfer. Payment acceptance through online mode will be more secure and convenient for the customer.

Are You Guys Always Available For Communication, Once You Get The Project?

We will give support round the clock. Don’t worry, once the project is with us, we are more worried to complete it with quality then you. We always go for WIP emails to clients. We continue to take long strides to serve better and give our 100 percent results to all of our customers year-after-year. Our commitment towards client’ requirement is highly appreciated and at highly affordable costs. We have advanced rotoscoping tools and highly skilled artists specialized in each sector of rotoscoping project making which turn simple footages into phenomenal ones. You just need to communicate with our rotoscoping artists what you’re hoping to get from us.

We Want To Go For Roto On Our Shots, Are You Available?

Yes, we are always available round the clock. You can contact us anytime for roto, vfx, paint, matchmove, animation or other services. To contact with us, you have to visit our ‘Contact’ page where you have to fill up the required form. In the Contact page, you have to input your good name, your email address, subject and your message. After filling all required details, you have to click on Send button so that we can easily reach to you. Since, we works 24*7, so we will definitely reach you whenever you need us and we ensures that you will never disappointed with our services and features. So, what are you thinking, come and take help with us to go for roto to capture excellent shots.

What's Your Turnaround Time For Roto?

We can go for 8000 weekly frames. It also depends on complexity of the frame. The turnaround time for roto is mainly a period for the completing the cyber of process including repair, replacement of equipment or component and many more. It is generally expressed as an average of the previous periods. In evaluating the algorithm for roto, turnaround time is really an important metric. We have an excellent planner tracking. Yes, you heard right. Actually, we track using the planar trackers to assist bin keying, roto, corner pinning objects, paint removes and many more that need the match move for custom composite behind the CGI monitors. Our turnaround time is excellence from other rotoscoping studio. So, you should not think more about turnaround time of our company for rotoscoping.

Do You Do Roto On Per Frame Basis?

Yes we do roto on per frame basis. Our costing is on per frame. Rotoscoping is mainly done by deleting unwanted images, lines or anything from the animation. So, we offer users to go frame by frame and delete element whatever they need invisible by creating mask layer around frame. The term ‘Frame’ is an essential component in rotoscoping. The large number of frame increases the cost of video and files. But if there is less number of frame in roto then the cost will be low. In short, the costing mainly depends on the number of frame. So, we helps user to delete the redundant and unwanted images and frame.

What's Your Price For Rotoscoping?

Our pricing depends on the complexity of rotoscoping. You can mail us the sample shot and we can quote you on pricing. But before knowing about the pricing, you must know that the pricing structure of our company is mainly based on the careful analysis of what customers need in terms of the services vs. low budget. We know very well that each customer is unique and their requirement is also unique. The pricing structure of our company is mainly depend on project scale, number of required people to work on project and most importantly expertise level to complete rotoscoping. The high complexity will increase the cost for rotoscoping whereas the low complexity will decrease the pricing for rotoscopy.

Do You Charge Differently For One Character Roto And Various Character Roto In A Footage?

Yes pricing for single character and various characters is different. As different character shot is complex so pricing is on that manner. Our roto artist first analyze which types of character shot is required by client and then they calculate time and resource which is needed in the shot. On the basis of these things we finalize the price. The price also depend on how many time the character has been used in the footage and what is its complexity. No matter which type of character our client want, our roto artist do their best in order to satisfy them and the charge we demand is very reasonable.

What Kind Of Pricing Structure You Follow For Simple Or Complex Roto?

We analyze the shots and then give the pricing for complex or simple shots. You can mail us the sample shot and we can quote you on pricing. For example, to make a complex roto it require lots of camera movement, FG elements, wire removal and similar techniques. So the price structure totally depends on the resource, hard work of our roto artist and time we spend on the project. If your requirement is simple roto then definitely the price will be different from the complex one. Some project need Nuke, Shake and Fusion which is little costly and as a consequence it also affect the price.

If There Is Any Kind Of Corrections In Roto Shots, Do You Guys Do It?

Yes to deliver quality product is our main motto. We are always open to do the corrections if needed. If any clients request for some corrections then we will analyze the requirement of the customer and understand the need of enhancement into the shots to deliver the best quality work to the customer with committed time limitations. Our roto-artists love to face any kind of new challenges because they are extremely talented and expertise in their field.  So incase if need is there, we can easily take up any and every kind of corrections in roto shots.

Do You Sign NDA Before Getting Shots For Rotoscope?

Yes we are open to signing NDA. If your company needed it we are always ready to do it. We are totally against of sharing personal or sensitive data with third parties. It depends on you if you want to sign NDA or not but whether our client sign it or not, we ensure that their information remain secret and no one can access it. Signing a nondisclosure agreement isn’t a indication of mistrust, it’s a part of business and if our client require it we don’t have any issue. If you have any confusion then you can discuss with us before you sign NDA.

What Policy Do You Follow In Your Company For Data Privacy / Theft?

We don’t have any cd drive or pen drive access in our system. Data is centrally located and protected. No personal emails allowed and is blocked. The data protection policy of our company refers to our commitment to handle information of our clients confidentiality and with utmost care. As part of our work, we require to collect and process the information of our client. The information maybe online as well as offline data but our company obtain these information in transparent way with complete cooperation as well as knowledge of our clients. Your confidential data is not distributed to anyone without our client’s knowledge whatsoever.

What Kind Of Output Do You Guys Provide For Rotoscoping?

It depends on your requirement, what output do you need? We have a team of best roto artist who hold experience of several year in Rotoscoping. They always do their best to provide the output that you imagine. Whether it need to take out elements from live footage or any other complex work, our team do it perfectly to fulfill demand of client. We use latest software and technique to provide best result and if you require any changes we are always ready to do that. We have completed many project in given time with best output and because of it our customer prefer us for every project.

Do You Guys Take Shots In Emergency Basis For Roto?

Yes we take shots on emergency basis, but it is charged higher as we have to stop our current shots and deliver emergency shots on priority basis. Here at Rotoscoping Studio we delivers the top quality product with virtual realistic shots within the committed deadline to the clients. As it is very complicated as well as a time consuming process to frame every shots that’s its charged higher. Our unique Roto artists team members are updated with the latest animation technologies and willing to work round the clock. They actually understated the exact need of the customer and then traces the live action movements to create realistic fluid animated shots.

Do You Guys Are Available For Test Before Any Client Gives You Shots For Rotoscopy?

Yes we are available for test, but before the test we need to fix the pricing of our project. As the clients can contacts us with the references footage and frames for developing their desired shots we first all of understand the requirements and queries about the shots for rotoscopy. Then only can quote the estimated cost to the clients with the delivery time schedule needed for the shots. As they approve the quotes then only we will initiate to work on developing the shots for the clients. When the shot is ready it is delivered to the customer and if they have any issues we are ready to fix them without any hesitation.

We are VFX Outsourcing Studio

In general words, VFX is called as visual effects. To understand VFX we can say that when live footage is integrated with imagery created separately, to create special effects looking realistic is visual effects. Visual effects VFX is done because it would be practically impossible to create the same scene in real footage during the shooting of a film. As a VFX studio, our role is to create that imagery and integrate into the real shot to give a realistic look. Our clients are really happy with our work and they outsource their present and coming VFX projects to us. Lets understand VFX (visual effects) in deep.

As a VFX studio where Outsourcing of visual effects projects happen, we know the difficulty level involved with the job. VFX / Roto is not a one-man job. It needs various milestones to get completed. All the frames of a shot need to be studied and then work upon. Every company has its own way of working on shots for VFX. But what matters is the end result and we guarantee quality work with timely delivery. Adding VFX involves Matchmove, Rotoscoping, Modeling, Animation, Lighting/Rendering, Compositing, then only a shot can be completed. As a VFX outsourcing studio, we understand the importance of each of these and work with all our team to get the best output.

VFX STUDIO Works Like this

Special Effects

VFX special effects can be termed as any special visual effects such as various action stunts / explosions/ vehicle flying off or other kinds of effects which takes place in live action. This can be termed as VFX special effects.

Matte Painting

Backgrounds, pictures which serve as background for 3D character.


Creation of 3D models via software

Digital Effects

This can also be termed as FX or Digital FX. In digital effects, imagery is created and then integrated with a real-time shot to give a realistic and amazing environment. This is done with the help of computer-generated imagery, still photography into real-time footage, this in our terms called digital effects. We as a VFX studio is needed for Digital effects because in the real world these environments or scenes can be created or captured in camera. It’s nearly impossible to do this in the real world, So companies are outsourcing VFX / Roto work to us for digital effects. Digital Effects have many parts which we will discuss next.

Motion Capture

In motion capture, each and every motion of the character is captured per second by optical & non optical methods. Not only the character but motion of camera is also captured. Apart from all these mechanical motion and inertia of the area is also captures. All the movement including facial movement too is captured. Later on these capture helps in making 3D models of the character and also accordingly helps in enhancing the environment too.

2D & 3D Animation

3D , 2D models get life through this. In other words movement is assigned in 3d/2d models.
Compositing: As a VFX studio, When we see compositing, It means combining all different visual elements to combine and make them a single scene. It creates a wonderful illusion that these all are single scene with great effects.

All these works are done by a VFX outsourcing Studio. We are artist-driven, full-service 3D VFX (visual effects), 3D Modeling and Animation Studio. We are capable of working on full-length feature animated films, related to animation, VFX and other services. Our motto is quality work and timely delivery. We are best in communication and you will get all the timely updates related to your projects. Our team of experts is specialized in each and every service related to visual effects. Our relationship with all our clients is friendly. Once they come to us, we are connected in a strong bond. We are affordable and all our clients always stick to our services.

We are very transparent with our clients as a VFX outsourcing Studio. Once a Project is outsourced to us, we plan, strategize and allocate the resources in such a manner that the client gets quality work in said time. We always believe in complete customer satisfaction.

So , what are you waiting for? If you are looking for best VFX studio for outsourcing your feature film/soap/serials/documentaries for visual effects, then we are at your service. We have more than 8 years of experience in this field and we have catered to numerous clients all over the world. We are one button click away. Lets Talk.



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