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Semsols Technologies Private Limited is a leading SEO Outsourcing company. We are the first choice for companies who are serious about their search engine ranking.

What We Do


We are the leading search engine service provider in India. We have 15 years of experience.

Search Engine Optimization

We can rank your website on google & other search engine. We know what is White hat & what is Gray Hat seo. You can easily rely on us for your Search Engine Optimization campaigns.

Content Optimization

We write search engine friendly content. Content in SEO is like the queen of the website. Before writing content for your website we analyze the competitor & compare data on many factors.

On Page Optimization

On Page factors are important for your website to rank on google. We at Semsols takes care of all the on page factors before publishing the websites. On Page SEO factors are followed like a checklist which has to be fulfilled before inviting search engine crawlers.

SEO Consultation

Semsols having an experience of 11 years provide seo consultancy to their client in India & Abroad. We have loyal customers from various filed like pharmacy, software companies & other niche sectors.

OFF Page SEO / Link Building

Link building is very important for achieving top ranks on search engine. Link building is like walking on the naked wire if you do something wrong then you will be penalized for that activity by the search engine. So a proper planned link building strategy is required for long term ranks.

SEO Strategy

SEO is like a umbrella which has many things under it. We at SEMSOLS properly plan the complete SEO strategy right from keyword research to off page. We divide all the acitivty in phases such that we can track the output of all the activities performed.

We Know What Works in SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving your search engine ranks. For achieving the top ranks you need to plan properly. We at SEMSOLS plan complete seo strategy such that you can achieve top search engine ranks & be there for the long time.
While planning the strategy we use strategies which are white hat. There are many seo companies which used black hat seo to gain quick rank but after some time site is penalized. Once you work with us you will come to know how er divide the work in phases such that you can easily evaluate the performance of our work.
We have clients who do affiliate business & they make hundred of website. For them we provide GRAY Hat SEO. In this we make website for them & use Gray hat seo to rank the website as early as possible. We plan the SEO strategy in such a way that we always have a backup site for the main site.
If we lose ranks we leave that site & start working on the next site. That is why we know what works in SEO for long term & what works for short term. If you are an in affiliate business & want to test our capabilities you can select our seo service for one campaign & check our performance.


Identify the Audience

First step in any marketing campaign is to find the right audience & then design the campaign to target your identified audience. We at SEMSOLS helps you to identify the right audience for your product and then we design he  campaign in such a way that we make different add sets for different target audience.

Analyze Traffic & Increase your Conversiont rate

Once SEO strategy is placed, then next step is the analyze the traffic & also analyze the conversion rate from different traffic sources. You will having traffic from Search Engines, Social Media, Paid Traffic from other sources, from Youtube. So you need to know from which channel you are getting how much traffic & what is the conversion rate of different traffic channels.

Search Engine Optimization Outsourcing

Outsourcing Search engine optimization projects is not a new job. But the face of organic search result has evolved through the times. The present scenario of search engine rankings and optimization has changed a lot from the old times. The algorithm for search engine rankings has been transformed to next level and search engines have become smarter in their search results.
Each day numerous users take help for search engines to get services or products. Ideally it has been observed that 90% of the users only visit sites on page 1 of the search engine. To get rankings on page 1 companies are in touch of various search engine optimization outsourcing firms to get them on top.

But are these SEO outsourcing companies competent enough to put you on top?

Are you on the page ONE of search engine rankings?

You need to ask yourself, is outsourcing your site for search engine rankings helping you?

Google Generates 95% Of The Search Engine Traffics

As per the statistics Google generated 95% of the search engine traffics and if you are losing this, then you are getting way behind in your business. only outsourcing search engine optimization projects will not help you in getting the rankings. You need to look at the company, to whom you are outsourcing. What is their track record and have they achieved the results with their old clients.
When you choose best search engine optimization outsourcing agency , then you can fully concentrate on your business. It will be their role to make your business grow online and give you more and more clients. your soul work will be to better your service or products.


We as a search engine optimization outsourcing firm take care of all our clients’ needs and goals. What our clients are expecting from a SEO outsourcing firm and we make sure to make their project a major success. Not every SEO outsourcing firm can deliver the results, it requires experience, study and analytical power to get rankings in these changing scenario. We at SEMSOLS have team of experts who are involved in learning and making changes to the projects as per the need and competition. We as a search engine optimization outsourcing firm , We value your time and money, we make sure to give you the desired result with our continuous efforts and our experience. You can award us the project and relax while our quality as a SEO outsourcing services company will take you to the top.



What benefits you will get while choosing us as a Search Engine Optimization outsourcing company in India:
With changing India has become hub for search engine optimization outsourcing. Companies loves to outsource their project to INDIA. We at SEMSOLS is one of the best outsourcing companies related to SEO. We love to connect with our clients and here is the benefits while getting along with us. 
  • On time Delivery
  • Skilled team to work on the project
  • Affordable rates with quality service
  • Round the clock assistance






Why Consider SEMSOLS As Your OutSourcing Partner.

You can relax and completely focus on your business.
Why you should consider SEMSOLS as a outsourcing partner for your SEO Projects:
While outsourcing search engine optimization projects to India, Companies are always confused in choosing the outsourcing firm. But we give you assurance that you don’t have to think twice once you are connected to us. We make sure to make you comfortable by our work and service. These are the main reason, why you should consider us for outsourcing SEO projects:
Skilled team: Our SEO team is skilled and had completed successful projects for the clients across the globe. Our planning and implementation of the SEO strategy revolves round the project competition and need. Our passionate team always work for every project as it demands.
Client relationship: We value of relationship with the client. As a SEO outsourcing firm , we make our client comfortable with not only our work but with our friendly environment and client satisfaction.
Work Policy: We are ethical search engine optimization outsourcing company. Our work policy is simple and straight. Do your work honestly and be transparent to the client. We never follow any unethical way to rank any website. Also our client requirements and their goals are prime focus for us, we always work to achieve that goal.



Being a responsible search engine optimization outsourcing company, we have always said that SEO IS NOT DEAD. These rumors are everywhere, but the companies which can’t rank your sites on search engines are spreading these kind of rumors.

SEO can’t be dead. Algorithm can change and this is the main challenge & opportunity for any SEO firm to grab the opportunity and make their client site rank. We have worked in all the challenging scenarios and given proven results to both local and global clients.

Our innovation towards the data interpretation and strong analytical skills to learn the new ranking pattern , helps our clients to get quality, reliable and cost effective search engine optimization service while outsourcing their projects to us.

Our strategy As Search engine optimization company while a project is outsourced to us:

Competition & Market Analysis

We analyze market related to our clients website. See what’s the competition there and what their competitors are targeting. We analyze the competition on those keywords and suggest accordingly.

Keyword Research:

We do extensive keyword research as per the market and their competitors. Using various tools we measure the effectiveness of the keyword.
Keyword Match up With competitors: We research in depth the effectiveness of our keyword research and keywords used by our competitor. Accordingly we make a better keyword plan for our clients site to get them on top rankings and high traffic.

Website Audit

When a project outsourcing is done to us for search engine optimization, we analyze and do audit of that site for various factors such as design, content, navigation structure, meta tags, usability, interactivity and other issues. We change those things accordingly with the help of the client. These are the on page changes which are done to get higher rankings.

Content Management

Content is one of the most important aspect of a site and in terms of rankings too. We design and develop content in such a way that it is unique, appealing and relevant to the subject. A kind of compelling content as a mixture of marketing as well as informational.

Link Building Plan

Link building is one of the most important part of SEO. It helps site to gain rankings on search engine. Our task as a SEO company is to plan and build contextual, powerful, long lasting and regular links for the client site.

Reporting & Analysis

Once everything is done we provide monthly reporting and do analyze the report for changes in rankings on those keywords. This help us to see what is needed to get it on the top. What strategy we can put in more to give our clients edge over others.

We have discussed each and every aspect related to a Search Engine Optimization company to whom project outsourcing is done through global clients. You can surely relate to these things, your problems concerns and solutions. As a leading outsourcing company in India for search engine optimization , we have tried to clear all your doubts. Come connect with us Let’s Talk.



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