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Multilingual marketing services! You all must be aware of the word. Do you know that only 37% of people are aware of English language, interesting! NO this is the fact. If you want to target a global market online, you must target multilingual websites for your domain. Don’t think of making your site in English only. To target global market make site in various languages. And here comes Multilingual marketing into picture. Multilingual marketing services are offered by many companies but it needs to be highly researched and optimized.

We at Semsols India are experts in multilingual marketing. Our multilingual marketing services are fully professional and optimized. We have successfully optimized websites in English, French, German and Spanish. We at Semsols provide expert hands at content writing in all languages. Our content experts are at different locations catering our content translation. We don’t translate your English version content into other languages. But our Multilingual marketing services includes Content re writing in other languages from SEO point of view targeting all the key phrases.

Our experts at Semsols India research the keywords in different languages as per the competition and make our multilingual marketing services successful. Apart from on page factors our multilingual marketing services include submission to the multilingual websites and directories. Multilingual website submission will help you to achieve ranking on the regional search engine and drive targeted traffic to your site.

Semsols Multilingual Marketing services Benefits:
  • Analysis and research for particular industry in the targeted market.
  • Keyword research and competition research in the specific language.
  • Content creation by experts in the particular language.
  • User friendliness and layout as per the country targeted.
  • Submission into the multilingual sites and directories.

Optimizing multilingual sites is not different as optimizing other sites, but difference lies in the approach. Multilingual marketing services ensure that you should know the targeted market well and should submit sites into multilingual sites and directories.

So if you really want to target global market re vamp your site into as many languages as possible. Sign up for our multilingual marketing services and drive maximum regional traffic to your site. See improvement in rankings and increase in Return on Investment.

For further enquiry contact us. We are always available at your fingertips.